Free Retest if you Don't Pass First Time

We do our very best to ensure you're ready to take your test by the end of your course but sometimes things don't go to plan. If you're unlucky enough to fail your test the first time we'll pay for your retest*. If you have any questions please Contact Us us or talk to your instructor during your Assessment Lesson.

* This offer only applies to your first driving test with us and is only vaild for pupils that take our assessment and book the intensive driving course recommended by one of our instructors. You will also require a minimum of 6 hours additional lessons which will be charged at our standard rate and must be booked within 30 days of your first test date. This offer does not apply to standard driving lessons or any other courses we offer.


6 Simple Steps to Pass your Driving Test First Time and in Just 1 Week!

Download our FREE guide to passing your driving test in 6 simple steps. Everything is covered from getting your provisional licence to passing your practical test.

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What our Pupils say..
Bethany Fraser
"Just passed.... :) john was a very good teacher...really good at listening and advising too! i was his 'problem' child for the year...and if he can get me to pass- he can get anyone to pass first time!!! thank you :) bethany x" - Bethany Fraser